About us

Saugi gamyba is your partner in the field of safety of industrial production technological processes and supply of equipment. We will provide you the solutions and experience of reliable equipment manufacturers.

Solutions and devices

Explosion suppression, fire protection and spark extinguishing systems

Effective solutions that are designed to detect and suppress an explosion in its earliest stages in order to protect both human health and equipment. The initial phase of the explosion is detected and the equipment responds in milliseconds. The explosion wave and the pressure inside the device are suppressed.

Supply of industrial process safety equipment

Equipment for protection production against undesired fluctuations in pressure or vacuum.

IIot solutions for the technological process safety and quality. The improvement of efficiency of rotating devices.

Humidification and painting solutions for the manufacturing industry

We are installing air humidification and painting systems for improving the production environment woodworking, paper, electronics and textile industries.

Energy and environmental solutions

Modern system technology, permitting efficient disposal of exhaust gases and residues, reducing energy consumption and ensuring high process reliability.

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Email: info@saugigamyba.lt